The Daytona SP3 is a £2m 840PS limited-edition Ferrari

22nd November 2021
Ethan Jupp

Ferrari has unveiled the latest model in its design-driven Icona series, the SP3 Daytona. Taking as its official title the name colloquially attached to the 365 GTB for over 50 years, the car is named after the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours and inspired by the prototypes that brought home the podium lockout at that race for Ferrari.


In 1967 Ferrari was deep in the throes of revenge against Ford for taking Le Mans the previous year. A 1-2-3 – aping that of the GT40’s at Le Mans in 1966 – with a P3, P4 and 412P was as sweet a payback as can be at Ford’s home enduro.

In spite of the overt historical callbacks, Ferrari very much claims its focus is firmly on the future in terms of design. Yet everywhere you look, the aforementioned prototypes, as well as the 512s that followed in 1969 and the early 1970s, are evident in this car’s DNA. The slatted Cyberpunk rear end is like its ancestors, strictly business. The haunches bulge at the extremities with a diminutive cockpit rising for a ‘cab-forward’ look. This thing, while very futuristic, is every bit the tribute, minus the hangups of something like the new Lamborghini Countach.

Similarly, there's a great deal of influence from the historic racers on the inside. Even down to the contrasting blue colour scheme on this reveal car that bleeds across the cabin for one giant conjoined ‘seat’. It’s basic but nicely appointed, with the latest haptic Ferrari steering wheel, controls and digital instrument cluster.


Though it’s not known whether the carbon tub is an exact carryover, the SP3 shares a reasonable amount with the LaFerrari. Interestingly, the hybrid bits are ditched for styling reasons and the engine is the more advanced 6.5-litre, 9,500rpm V12 recently seen in the 812 Competizione, producing 840PS (617kW) in this installation. This all makes the SP3 Daytona the first all-motor mid-engined V12 Ferrari since the Enzo in 2002.

It also joins a club of three mid-engined V12 Ferraris over the last 30 years with roofs that pop out. In terms of performance, It’ll get to 62mph in under 2.9 seconds and hit 211mph flat out.

Just 599 are due to be made and yes, every single one of them, at well over £2 million a go including local taxes, is spoken for. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of next year. What do you think of the retro-futuristic SP3 Daytona? Should Ferrari in their long deliberations over that name chosen to call it something else? Do you prefer this to the Monzas that came before it? Let us know...

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