SEP 12th 2014

Lavant parking is the perfect picnic spot... just don't tell anyone!


‘It’s not very good really, we won’t come again,’ says Jeff Osborne, quickly following it up with a huge smile. A smile that says: don’t let the secret out of the bag! 

We are in Lavant forward parking area for pre 1966 cars. It’s a separate parking and picnic area on the inside of the circuit alongside the Lavant Straight.

And Jeff and his party of friends love it here really – their fear is that if they rave about this exclusive spot on Goodwood Road & Racing it will be spoiled in the future by too many people.

With limited numbers and pre-booking essential, as well of course as only an appropriate set of wheels, this ‘secret’ corner of the Revival weekend is destined to remain exclusive.

The advantages, says Jeff, are that you get to picnic next to your car, something Jeff and party have taken full advantage of by loading up their Rover 95 and Wolseley 15/50 with not just a picnic – plus tables and chairs – but also a wind-up gramophone.

They also reckon it’s the best spot on the whole airfield to watch the planes taking off and landing, while it’s just a stroll up the grassy bank to see the cars speeding down the straight at up to 150mph.

‘We parked in this area for the first time last year and liked it, so thought we’d come again,’ says Jeff. ‘It’s a very sociable place and a great base for exploring the site. There’s plenty of room to spread out – the thing that would spoil it is if it got too popular, too crowded.’

Cars there today included Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Bentley as well as more affordable classics – like a 1965 Morris 1000 Traveller, fresh from its rebuild.

‘My uncle lent the car to us for the weekend, and gave us the tickets to get into this car park,’ said Ed Morgan who with his friend Cat Briggs were making the most of the day with a picnic on the grass.

‘We’re just down for the weekend, and enjoying being here, having a glass of wine. I go to FoS every year but this is my first Revival. We’re enjoying it!’

‘We’re happy to get in early, it’s nice and quiet here then and gives us plenty of time to go exploring,’ added Jeff Osborne.

Photography: Dom Romney


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