Video: 11 wildest moments at 2023 Revival

12th September 2023
Adam Wilkins

The 2023 Goodwood Revival provided plenty of heart-in-mouth moments as drivers explored the limits – and somewhere slightly beyond – in their quests to be quickest. Here’s our rundown of eleven of the wildest moments.

The St. Mary’s Trophy presented by Motul for 1950s saloon cars provides no fewer than three clips. The battle between Jimmy Johnson (Austin A40), Jenson Button (Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti) and Benoît Tréluyer (Austin A105) has to be seen to be believed. It’s an incredible display of car control at close quarters. Other moments from the pro St. Mary’s race include Johnson running wide at Woodcote in his battle with Button. Finally from the saloon car race, we witness Thomas Butterfield losing third place to Justin Law by running wide onto the grass, both men pedalling Jaguar Mk1s.

Another fixture that’s rich in wild moments is the RAC TT Celebration, not least because of the mixed weather throughout the hour-long, two-driver race. We join Oliver Bryant on board his AC Cobra, and see the moment Andy Priaulx made slight and unintended contact with Nicolas Minassian, both of driving Jaguar E-types. Another driver who fell victim to the rain was Adrian Willmott in his wide-running Bizzarrini 5300GT. Skipping back to the dry section of the race, we also include a clip of a snake of Cobras barrelling along the Lavant Straight.

Sticking with big, powerful machines, watch as Bradley Hoyt squeezes his McLaren-Chevrolet M1B through a perfectly M1B-sized gap at St. Mary’s during the Whitsun Trophy for Can-Am cars. It’s a bold move that pays off to perfection. Moving to the Lavant Cup presented by Sky Cinema, there’s a first-lap off for Rob Hall aboard his Ferrari 250 LM. He held it together, despite a brush with the tyre wall, but lost his lead as a consequence.

Moving to single-seaters, Patrick Jamin had an off-track excursion by spinning on the fluids of his own Lola T55 in the Glover Trophy. Over in the Richmond and Gordon Trophies race, Mark Daniell performed perhaps the save of the day after being wrong-footed on the way out of the Chicane, and Mark Shaw had a high-speed but ultimately harmless run onto the grass in his Scarab-Offenhauser.

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