79th Members' Meeting race results

12th April 2022
Ethan Jupp

It’s only been a couple of days, and almost all evidence that the 79th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport happened has evaporated from the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The air is thin and silent where it was once thick with the sound of roaring engines, the smell of race fuel and the feeling of excitement from an eager crowd.


The cars have been trailered back to the workshops, lock-ups and garages where they live, with little but the odd oil dribble in the paddocks to show they were there. We do however have plenty of videos, thousands of pictures and of course, the race results as evidence of the weekend’s historic motorsport heroism.

Gerry Marshall Trophy

1st: Jack Tetley and Alex Buncombe in a Chevrolet Camaro

2nd: Fred Shepherd and Andy Priaulx in a Ford Mustang Boss 302

3rd: John Young and Gordon Shedden in a Chevrolet Camaro

Robert Brooks Trophy

1st: Andrew Kirkaldy in a Lotus Eleven

2nd: James Bellinger in a Lola Mk1

3rd: Ian Dalglish in a Lotus 17

Weslake Cup

1st: Charles Rainford in the Lenham GT

2nd: Mike Haigh in the Lenham GT

3rd: Mark Burnett in the Fletcher Ogle GT


Hailwood Trophy

1st: Dan Jackson in the Harris Yamaha

2nd: Levi Day in the Yamaha TZ350G

3rd: Andy Hornby in the RPS Triumph Trident

The Sheene Trophy (For the first four-stroke bike across the line)

1st RPS Andy Hornby in the Triumph Trident

Sopwith Cup

1st: James Colburn in the Standard Vanguard Six

2nd: Charles Rainford in the Nash Metropolitan

3rd: Rowan Atkinson in the Jaguar Mk 7


Derek Bell Cup

1st: Andrew Hibberd in the Brabham BT18

2nd: Jeremy Timms in the Chevron B15

3rd: Peter Thompson in the Brabham BT21A

Graham Hill Trophy

1st: Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw in the Jaguar E Type

2nd: Marino Franchitti and Nicky Pastorelli in the Ferrari 250 GTO/64

3rd: Mike Whitaker and Guy Smith in the TVR Griffith

Surtees Trophy

1st: Oliver Bryant in the Lola T70 Spyder

2nd: Rob Hall in the McLaren M1A

3rd: Mark Shaw in the McLaren M1A



A.F.P. Fane Trophy

1st: Patrick Blakeney-Edwards in the Frazer Nash Monoposto

2nd: Martin Stretton in the Frazer Nash Monoposto

3rd: Tom Waterfield – Frazer Nash Super Sports

Varzi Trophy

1st: Patrick Blakeney-Edwards in the Alfa Romeo 8C Monza

2nd: Ross Keeling in the Delahaye 135

3rd: Christopher Mann in the Alfa Romeo 8C Monza

Peter Collins Trophy

1st: James Thorpe in the Lister-Jaguar Flat Iron

2nd: David Hart in a Maserati 300S

3rd: Gary Pearson in a Jaguar D-Type



Gerry Marshall Sprint

1st: Jack Tetley in the Chevrolet Camaro

2nd: Craig Davis in his Ford Mustang Boss 302

3rd: Fred Shepherd in his Ford Mustang Boss 302

Drift – Weekend Winner

Haydn Cruickshank in his Toyota Chaser

The Fastest Lap of the Meeting

1st: Olly Bryant in his Lola T70 Spyder, who set a lap-time of 1 minute 18.4 seconds.

Photography by Peter Summers, Jordan Butters, Phil Hay and Toby Whales

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