MAR 20th 2016

Gallery: Group 5 Legends Attack Goodwood

Group 5 Sportscars. There’s nothing quite like them, is there? Arguably a forefather to the modern ‘hypercar’, and one of the last bastions of beauty on the Mulsanne straight, their symbiosis of savagery and sexiness is something for which they are famous the world over.

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The racing wasn’t bad either, as Ferraris and Lolas gave chase to the dominant Porsches during their short-lived period in service. For many years you’d be lucky to get a glimpse of these amazing machines as, following their moment in the limelight, antiquated by changes in rules, they were largely forgotten. The last few years however, have seen them celebrated for what they are: a short yet almost unequivocally iconic era in endurance motor racing.

At the 74th Members’ Meeting a selection of these incredible machines have braved the March chills to stretch their legs. Porsche 917Ks, Ferrari 512s in M an S specification and Lola T70 MkIIIBs in all their utterly un-silenced glory shook the Goodwood Motor Circuit to its very foundations. The visceral aural fury almost dwarfed the sheer beauty of the things. That’s where our crack team of photographers come in and have provided us with an exquisite gallery from the demo. Drink in the glory, and watch out for the next demo later today on our live stream.

Photography by Tom Shaxson, Adam Beresford, Amy Shore, Jochen Van Cauwenberge and Tim Brown

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