Video: Sideways Chris Harris in a V8 Ford Falcon

08th April 2022
Adam Wilkins

The Ford Falcon may not have been the fastest car on the Pierpoint Cup grid, Chris Harris didn't seem to get the memo...

There's nothing like a bit of rain to spice things up at Goodwood, especially when the race in question features big V8-powered saloons slewing their way around the circuit. In this video, we ride with Chris Harris aboard a Ford Falcon at the 78th Goodwood Members' Meeting presented by Audrian Motorsport. 

He's lapping deceptively quickly. There's drama in the cabin, Chris's smooth, measured inputs belying the pace. Keep watching: you'll get a sense of speed when he catches the Ford Facon of Julian Balme at St. Mary's. Just don't let the dangling keychain distract you.

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Video: Sideways Chris Harris in a V8 Ford Falcon

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