Video: Watch the spectacular GT1 field fly around Goodwood

06th April 2023
Simon Ostler

With barely more than a week to go until the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport, we’re getting incredibly excited for one particular batch of cars you can expect to see on track, and that’s the demonstration for 2000s GT1 cars.

So in a bid to try and contain an sustain some of this pre-emptive excitement, we’ve delved into the archive and found this… another demo from the 75th Members’ Meeting, which also featured GT1 cars, but from an earlier era in the 1990s.

It’s a dreamy list of cars. McLaren F1s, Porsche GT1 98s, a Ferrari F40 LM and even a Lotus Elise GT1. This was a truly spectacular era of sportscar racing, and if we’re honest, our hopes that this video might kerb a bit of the hype, it’s actually had the opposite effect.

Now we’re climbing up the walls in anticipation for the V12 cacophony that’s about to descend on the Goodwood Motor Circuit. This year’s demonstration will include Aston Martin DBR9s, Ferrari F50s, Saleens, Vipers and more. Good grief can Members’ Meeting be here already?

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