AUG 14th 2015

Video: On board Nico Rosberg's hair‑raising FoS run

It’s always special to see a Formula 1 car going up our hillclimb course. The addition of the 2014 championship runner-up Nico Rosberg, on the same day that Valentino Rossi wowed the crowds, made this run even more special.

Cartier_Lawn_FoS_Promo_07082015 Nico Rosberg

You’ve already enjoyed our video of 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen attempting some rather interesting doughnuts on his way up the hill, and now our friends at Mercedes-Benz have released this footage of Nico following that Ferrari up the hill.

The car is a Mercedes-Benz W04, the same as we saw taking some hot-laps of the circuit at the 73rd Members’ Meeting in the hands of Anthony Davidson, as part of our awesome IWC moment.

This video is taken from two GoPros strapped (or rather sucked) onto the V8 powered car, as the son of 1982 World Champion Keke entertains the crowds on the final day of this year’s Festival of Speed.

It’s safe to say that Nico wasn’t holding anything back as, just like tester Anthony Davidson did on the first two days, he dispenses with the doughnuts in an extraordinary demonstration of the power of a modern F1 car.

Hopefully his meeting with Valentino Rossi and the sound of that screaming V8 will be enough to call Nico back again…

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