DEC 01st 2014

28.5‑litre Fiat S76 runs for first time in over 100 years!

It has taken a few more months than originally intended, but Duncan Pittaway (who I interviewed at the Festival of Speed) has finally realised the incredible achievement of firing-up the monstrous 104-year old Fiat S76 for the first time in more than a century.


Despite its vintage, the motor boasts four valve-per-cylinder, multi-spark, overhead cam technology to go with its Spitfire-eclipsing displacement of 28.5 litres. There’s no doubt huge plaudits are due to Duncan and his team who have put in a massive effort, having suffered many setbacks along the way.

Although the car was intended to start for the first time at FoS this year, it finally ran for the first time at the weekend.

Frankly it looks scary. With no exhaust as such we’re treated to the sight of the aftermath of internal combustion shooting straight out of the exhaust ports while the whole car shakes violently. Bear in mind that in its day the S76 was reputed to be putting out around 300bhp and that all that power was transmitted to the axle by way of chains …

All that remains now is to get Duncan’s fabulous car back to Goodwood for that first run up the hill!

With thanks to Stefan Marjoram, a keen supporter of the project and who shot the clip as part of a full documentary on the S76.

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