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AUG 04th 2022

Ethan Jupp

The nine most successful BTCC drivers of all time

Touring car drivers are some of the most versatile in all of motorsport. Stick them in almost anything and they’ll be quick, from GT cars to single-seaters, to rally cars and even historics, as we so often see at our Goodwood Revival and Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport events. They’re precise and, famously, they aren’t afraid to race hard. Creating a list of the most successful touring car drivers is difficult. Do you count it by number of wins, their win ratio, or number of championships? We’d count a championship as the ultimate success that everyone’s gunning for, requiring a consistent high finishes and elite-tier race craft throughout a season of what is a highly unpredictable class of racing. So that’s how we’ll count them down, while noting some particularly compelling statistics along the way and giving some honourable mentions at the end. These are the most successful touring car drivers of all time.


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