Video: This Lola T142 is a lovable monster

15th May 2017
Ethan Jupp

Miles Whitlock, owner and driver of the stunning Lola T142 you’ll see in the video below, might be one of our heroes. Not because of any stratospheric driving talent – though if you’re grabbing an F5000 car by the scruff at Road Atlanta, you have to have something about you…

No, it’s the gushing adoration he has for his car and what it represents. Big power, crude aero, fat tyres and a sleek “cigar” body, the culmination of which demands everything of its driver, and rewards to no end. This Chevy-engined brute with its sky-high aero addenda is a blunt instrument and a precise weapon of motorsport all rolled into one. Watch, in the video above, as Miles takes us through “Miss Lola”, what he loves about it, and some heart-warming stories to boot. Cars and owners like this are why we venture out to great events like The Mitty!

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