Formula E Gen3 car smashes the indoor land speed record

28th July 2023
Simon Ostler

An upgraded Formula E Gen3 car has set a Guinness World Record for the fastest speed achieved by a vehicle indoors. McLaren star Jake Hughes was at the wheel of the ‘GenBeta’ project car when he reached a top speed of 218.71kph (135.9mph), some 50kph (33mph) faster than the previous record.


The record-breaking car is a development project designed to push the boundaries and capabilities of the current Gen3 car racing in Formula E this season. The most obvious improvement is the amount of power, which has been boosted from 476PS (350kW) to 544PS (400kW).

Hughes was ‘competing’ against Mahindra driver Lucas di Grassi, who was also attempting to break the record, and did so on his own initial run. Between the two of them, the previous record was beaten eight times, Di Grassi reached a speed of 218.18kph (135.5mph) on his quickest run.


They were driving in London’s ExCeL, which a section of this weekend’s e-Prix circuit runs through. The record was set on a 346-metre straight.

We mentioned the increased power of this special GenBeta car, but that extra power was put down onto the road via all four wheels, a whole new concept for Formula E. It was also running on softer, high-grip tyres, again aiding the drivers in getting that power down for sharper acceleration. Aero was also improved with additional 3D printed front wing endplates and wheel fins.


It’s logical to assume this car is intended to act as a precursor to future developments in Formula E cars. The series introduced its fastest ever car in the Gen3 for the 2023 season, and you have to imagine whatever comes next will push the bar higher still.

We’ll be in London for the finale of the 2023 Formula E world championship on Sunday, where Jake Dennis looks to seal the title as he enters the weekend with a 24-point advantage over Nick Cassidy. GRR will bring you all the insights from the paddock.

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