Video: Mini extreme off-roading is awesome

28th January 2022
Ben Miles

We’ve shared a lot of miniaturised things on this website. Our own Settrington Cup is an example. But we’ve also shown you an awesome video of the history of F1 cars told by toys, RC car racing, and event dinky toy rallying. But this is a first. Fully to scale and realistic, RC off-roading.

Extreme off-roading is something we’ve shared many times as well. From those incredible machines in Iceland that scale sheer mountain sides, to vintage trials machines, bouncing their way across the fields and woods of England. But the convergence of RC cars and hardcore off-roading is, we have to say, new to us.

Well, it turns out, it is most definitely a thing. This video shows teeny tiny off-road cars (and an awesome miniature Panda 4X4) tackling some seriously difficult terrain. As well as the abilities of the machines to withstand the small-scale punishing they’re taking, it is the attention to detail that is more impressive. With each landscape looking very much like a real off road paradise, there’s even water to wade through.

The other thing that strikes you after a little while is that it’s proof that the thing that holds most cars back is the lump of flesh behind the wheel. These cars and their owners seem happy to smash their way across objects in a way that would leave a human with some injuries, or at the least crying to stop.

Before watching this video I did not know I needed a miniature Camel Trophy Defender and some small rocks. Now I do. Oh and check out the shot at around 11:42, where there’s a miniature-miniature SUV joining in.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a mid-morning helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: F40 vs. 512TR vs. GT‑R vs. RUF vs. NSX

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