Video: This is what it’s like to start the 6 Hours of Monza

04th August 2022
Seán Ward

We see race onboards on a daily basis, but the Gran Turismo-esqe nose cam? That’s rare indeed, so strap yourself in for two minutes of raw, unbridled Monza noise, courtesy of a 911 RSR at the 2022 6 Hours of Monza.

The number 22, driven by the legend that is Kevin Estre for the opening stint, is right on the tail of a Ferrari 488 GTE EVO and Corvette C8.R running across the start line at Monza, its flat-six engine howling to the heavens. Estre is right on the limit braking into the chicane, less than a foot away from the diffusers of the cars ahead. The precision of all of the drivers is incredible, but then again should we be in any way surprised? We’ve seen Estre casually blitz the Nürburgring in a 911 GT3 RS, so we know full well what he’s capable of.

Sadly all we get is one full lap of Monza madness, but what a lap. Thanks again Kevin.

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Video: This is what it’s like to start the 6 Hours of Monza

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