Video: Three minutes of off-road cars destroying GoPros

30th August 2023
Ben Miles

GoPro's main marketing line for many years has been the sheer indestructability of its cameras. Yes they are portable and easy to take anywhere, but the fact that it's difficult to destroy them is right up the top. Even when confronted by some extremely large off-road vehicles.

That said, we at Goodwood Road & Racing have found out to our cost that some things will end the life of a GoPro. Like a barrel rolling Cortina for example.

But under the right circumstances they will withstand almost anything. As this compilation from one of our favourite US-based off-roading YouTubers demonstrates. The video, from You Tuba (it's a pun on the fact that his surname is Tuba, clever eh?), is just three pure minutes of being run over by off roaders.

And they can take almost any from, from massive, vaguely terrifying trophy trucks, to lightweight offroad buggies, there's very little discrimination when it comes to the vehicles willing to attempt GoPro destruction.

For a highlight, we would suggest the section around the 2:10 mark. At which point we get a procession of massive Trophy Trucks executing a perfect ten in our scoring of camera killing. That is to hit a jump and land directly onto the action camera.

Honestly, even though you know that it's a camera that's being hit and not actually your much less plastic, much more fleshy face, it's still slightly nervewracking at times. I mean how often do you watch a tonne or more of extremely fast machine landing on your eyes?

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: This Italian rally stage is terrifying

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Video: Three minutes of off-road cars destroying GoPros

30th August 2023



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