Volkswagen ID.3 GTX: price, specs and release dates

13th March 2024
Russell Campbell

The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX has been revealed today. It offers rear-wheel-drive and a maximum of 326PS (240kW). It will serve as Volkswagen's EV hot hatch at least until a production version of the front-wheel-drive ID. GTI Concept arrives next year. 


Volkswagen ID.3 GTX power, performance and drive

The ID.3 GTX offers two flavours – the standard GTX produces 286PS (210kW), while the GTX Performance ups that to 326PS (240kW). Both models deliver torque at a stonking 545Nm (402lb ft), a third more than a Golf R, thanks to a new generation of electric motor.

On-paper performance is impressive. The standard GTX gets from 0-62mph in six seconds and tops out at 111mph, while the Performance does 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds and 124mph flat-out. Expect both to feel faster in the real world thanks to their punchy torque chiming in the minute you slap your foot on the pedal.


The GTX's performance versus a standard ID.3 comes courtesy of a new motor mounted at the back that features witchcraft. We'll let the press release explain:

"Increased power and efficiency of the GTX motors are the result of details such as a rotor with strong permanent magnets that offer a high thermal load capacity, a further-developed stator with a large effective number of windings in combination with maximum wire cross-section, a water heat sink for the outside of the stator, and a combined oil and water cooling system that ensures high thermal stability. The thermal stability is safeguarded by a new inverter generation, and the high thermal load capacity is an elementary contributing factor to the increased efficiency of the new drive."


So there you go. Back on more familiar ground, the GTX Performance comes as standard with DCC adaptive dampers that offer a broader range than before and use more sensors to keep a firm grasp of body control as possible. Both models get a bespoke chassis setup, sporty steering and, like the standard ID.3, independent rear suspension.

Autonomous driving aids mean GTX ID.3s can do much of the driving for you so long as you keep your hands on the wheel. They also include an auto-park system that can memorise suitable spaces up to 50m back down the road you've just come.


Both versions of the GTX get an 84kWh (79kWh usable capacity) battery – slightly larger than the one found on the rest of the ID.3 line-up – giving the standard model an impressive 373-mile range. It's safe to assume the Performance won't go quite as far on a charge. Battery preheat and sat-nav that takes account of chargers along the way should make long drives as painless as possible, and while VW doesn't quote charging speeds, a 10-80 per cent charge should take less than 30 minutes using a public fast charger.

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX exterior styling and upgrades

Subtly massaged next to the standard ID.3, GTX models don't have the eye-catching looks of the ID. GTI Concept, so it will be fascinating to see what happens to the GTX badge further down the line.


As it is, the GTX looks more like a warm hatch than a hot hatch, courtesy of its diamond-style grille, diamond-tipped daytime running lights and extremely subtle chin spoiler finished in glossy black. The Matrix LED headlights that come standard on the ID.7 GTX Tourer are optional here.

However, the ID.3 GTX gets the same Skagen 20-inch alloy wheels as the larger car, available with black highlights or in full black. GTX models have 215-section tyres, while GTX Performance gets larger 235-section rubber.


Gloss black highlights the GTX's roof, sills and wing mirrors, and you'll find more at the back on the lower rear bumper, where you'll also find scrolling LED tail lights that are optional on lesser models. The Kings Red paint is only available on GTX models, but there's also Moonstone Grey, Grenadilla Black, Glacier White metallic and Scale Silver metallic.

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX interior and tech

Inside, the ID.3 GTX looks suitably sporty, with a pair of optional one-piece seats leading the charge. Covered in recycled ArtVelours Eco microfleece, they feature the same red stitching as the rest of the interior. Electrical adjustment is standard and includes thigh support.


Infotainment comes from VW's latest 12.9-inch system with ChatGPT and a wellness app that adjusts things like the stereo, ventilation system and lighting to improve your mood.

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX price and release date

The ID.3 GTX goes on sale later this year and is likely to start from over £50,000 and closer to £55,000 for the faster Performance model.

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