Brabus has built a bike

22nd February 2022
Bob Murray

Brabus has been making cars go faster and look more individual since 1977, everything from tiny Smart cars to mighty autobahn-dominating Mercedes. What it has never done is anything with just two wheels – until now. And Brabus’s bike partner of choice? Who else but KTM.


German Brabus and Austrian bike specialist KTM have teamed up for the first time and created the limited-edition Brabus 1300 R, a V-Twin “naked” machine that even to non-bike people comes across as very cool indeed. And for a naked bike it’s fast: 0-60mph takes 3.2 seconds and flat out it will hit 167mph

It started out in life as KTM’s top model, the 1290 Super Duke R Evo, but then is given a makeover with a load of the stuff that Brabus is most famous for. So plenty of bespoke craftsmanship and luxury here, along with an effective styling update based around carbon-fibre elements and a range of exquisite details – footpegs, brake and clutch levers, filler caps – all CNC-machined from aluminium.


Other exclusive Brabus components include lightweight Monoblock Z nine-spoke forged wheels of a design that recalls Brabus supercars, a slip-on double exhaust finisher and air ducts, skid plate, belly pan and headlight mask newly rendered in lightweight carbon-fibre. And what about that seat? It’s a custom-made Brabus number, heated of course and trimmed as you expect of a high-end product.

In front of the rider is a TFT screen with Brabus graphics and underneath your backside is semi-active suspension with the latest electronic rider aids and a variety of damper settings and ride modes, from comfort through to track, all selectable via the touch screen. The 1,301cc four-stroke V-Twin develops the same power as the donor model: 180PS (134kW) at 9,500rpm with 140Nm (103lb ft) of torque.


The Brabus 1300 R is available in two colours – red or black – and KTM and Brabus says there will only ever be 77 of each colour. One reason perhaps the first Brabus bike is said to have sold out already, even at its list price of £34,549. 

Oh well, we’ll just wait for a Brabus version of the KTM X-Bow…

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