Mercedes E63 S Final Edition is the last V8 E-Class

01st June 2022
Bob Murray

Of all the inevitable farewells to petrol-engined greats coming up over the next few months and years, this has to be one of the saddest: it’s goodbye to the wonderful warbling wall of grunt that is the AMG V8. That’s the V8 in pure petrol form without any electrical gubbins.


Yes, the 612PS (450kW) twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 used to such great effect in the Mercedes-AMG E63 S is on its way out, but not quite yet. There’s one last chance to grab one before the motor is consigned to automotive history, and it’s called the ‘Final Edition’. Well, after 36 years it deserves a send-off.

The last petrol-only V8 AMG comes as either saloon or wagon and gets a package of upgrades worthy of such a heroic performance champion.

There’s no additional power, but we’re not sure it needed any more. Instead, you can enjoy matt graphite grey paint, 20-inch cross-spoke forged wheels, the AMG Night Package of high gloss black aero elements, and other aerodynamically optimised parts, all shiny black. Dark glass and black chrome tailpipe trims add to a look that might reasonably be described as nicely purposeful but tastefully restrained.


AMG’s top performance seats feature inside, trimmed in grey and black nappa leather with yellow stitching and boasting a multitude of electric adjustments. There’s more of the same leather on the dash, a sprinkling of carbon elements and a flat-bottomed AMG performance steering wheel.

And there are of course special edition badges including an AMG Final Edition plaque with edition number – they plan to make 999 of these cars. There’s no indication of price yet, but the figure will include a bespoke car cover emblazoned with “AMG E63 S Final Edition”.

The V8 continues to be used in other models in electrified form, while the E63 looks set to switch to a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid. It will probably have even more power, but it won’t be quite the same.

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