The Mazda 2 Hybrid is a Toyota in disguise

06th December 2021
Bob Murray

Mazda can claim some of the most attractive mainstream cars going – but this ain’t one of them. It’s the Mazda2 Hybrid and as you might guess from the looks it is completely unrelated to the recently updated – and far prettier – Mazda2 that is familiar as the company’s supermini contender.

This Mazda2 is far more Toyota Yaris than Mazda. It’s the first fruit of an electrification partnership to help bring Mazda, until recently doggedly petrol-powered with its Skyactiv tech, into the electric world.


The Yaris-in-disguise may not have the happiest face but its USP is what lies under the bonnet: the petrol-electric hybrid powertrain makes this Mazda’s first ”full” hybrid model. Full, rather than mild, hybrid means that while there is nothing to plug in here it does have the ability to trundle round slowly for short distances on electric power alone. Anyone used to Toyota’s self-charging hybrid models, including the already-on-sale Yaris Hybrid, will be familiar with it in an instant.

The car is being made for Mazda by Toyota Europe and shares the same mechanical package as the self-charging Yaris. That means a 1.5-litre, 93PS (69kW) three-cylinder petrol engine mated to a 59kW electric motor. Total system power is 116PS (87kW). This is no baby bombshell then with its 0-62 time of 9.7 seconds, but it does record up to 74mpg with CO2 emissions from as low as 87g/km.


And each time you drive it does set off in quiet electric mode for low-speed urban running with zero tailpipe emissions. That’s one in the eye for its biggest rival, the Ford Fiesta Eco-Boost Hybrid, which is nippier but being only a mild hybrid can’t drive on electricity alone. It’ll go on sale at Mazda dealers in Spring 2022.

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