Volkswagen's ID.5 GTX is a hot EV SUV with a 300-mile range

04th November 2021
Bob Murray

Volkswagen aims to add some sporty emotion to its battery-electric ID family with the unveiling today of the new ID.5 , the first to sport the look and dimensions of the popular SUV coupe class. There are two versions – as shown, the white car is the ID.5, the red one the ID.5 GTX ­– and both are due to hit UK showrooms early in 2022 with prices expected to start around £47,000.


GTX is VW’s battery-car equivalent of GTI and the one that most promises to back up its rakish looks with spirited performance. It is typically VW restrained in its sporty makeover, but the ID.5 GTX does boast motors on both axles for all-wheel-drive deployment of its 300PS (224kW), good for 0-62mph in 6.3 seconds. Range on a full charge is said to be 300 miles.

VW is particularly proud of the new model’s aerodynamics (Cd 0.26 or 0.27 for the GTX) and the way its electronic brain has been integrated with the all-wheel-drive to bring a boost to traction and “sporty driving pleasure”. How sporty? That remains to be seen.


The standard model gets a motor in the back driving the rear wheels only, like the two other ID models already on our roads. Two different power outputs are available, with the higher 204PS (152kW) version claiming 0-62 in 8.4 seconds. With 77kWh batteries for the UK models, range is slightly up on the GTX, at 323 miles.

VW claims several advances over the ID.3 hatchback and ID.4 crossover both of which use the same MEB electric-car-only platform and are built on the same production line. The latest software delivers improved charging performance and voice control while allowing for more automated driving functions and driver-assist features such as the new option of Park Assist Plus with memory – so it remembers your regular parking spot.


The MEB’s short overhangs and short bonnet allow a for a cabin almost as roomy as the ID.4’s despite the more coupe-like arch to the new model’s roofline. VW says back seat passengers get just 12mm less headroom.

All the expected ID electric car cues are in the design, particularly the treatment of the lights. They are at their sexy best in the GTX which gets LED matrix headlights and 3D rear LEDs as standard. With suggestions of coupe-type appeal in the profile, it does come across as a more expressive design than the rather colder other ID models. At 4,599mm long the ID.5 is the same length as the ID.4.


Other new features putting in an appearance here include brighter driver display and high-resolution multimedia system, an augmented-reality head-up display, “Hello ID” natural voice control, 30-colour ambient lighting and, boosting safety, more facilities for car-to-car (“Car2X”) communication.

All very worthy, efficient and hi-tech ­– as expected. But what this ID model has to achieve first of all is a simple old tug of the heart strings…

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