Gallery: Gordon Murray T.33 supercar makes debut at 79MM

08th April 2022
Ethan Jupp

We opened the 79th Members’ Meeting in style with the reveal of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33. Gordon Murray and the Duke of Richmond were on hand to introduce the company, the car, and pull the covers off for eager onlookers. GMA’s second distinct model, the T.33 recalls the immortal beauty of 1960s sportscars and sports racing prototypes, with carefully-curated curves and tapering lines and a more traditional cab-rearward silhouette than the T.50.

It’s a stunning thing, slight in footprint and small in proportions – no broader than a Porsche Cayman. It’s the antithesis to the aggressively designed, aero-mad machines that pair a third more weight with flat turbocharged engines. Speaking of engines, we can’t wait to hear it exercising that Cosworth V12 engine for the first time, though for that we’ll have to wait a little longer. What will be running and singing out on track is the T.50 – what remains GMA’s halo car – serving as the course/pace car during the F1 and Porsche Group C demonstrations. For now, it’s exciting to see in person the biggest step yet taken toward GMA’s near and mid-distant future.

If you want to watch the 79th Members’ Meeting, you can watch Saturday in full here on GRR and across our social channels. To watch on Sunday you’ll need to be a Member or Fellow of the GRRC.

Photography by Joe Harding.

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