JUL 29th 2014

GRR at the Silverstone Classic 2014 – the best cars, great photos and much more

Silverstone Classic

What a terrific event the Silverstone Classic is. With a full catalogue of historic racing – which runs right up until 9pm on the Saturday evening, with earlier finishes for Friday’s qualifying and Sunday’s racing – there was plenty of action to watch on track… if you could drag yourself away from the paddocks and static club and trader displays on the infield. Silverstone is spread over a vast area, but there’s seemingly something going in all of it.

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There was plenty to celebrate. Maserati’s centenary was marked with one-make race and a parade, while the relative whippersnapper that is the Ford Mustang (50 years old in 2014) had its own parade and the Mustang Trophy. The latter also included other makes of cars, meaning that the Mustang suffered the indignity of not winning the event it was named after. Elsewhere, there was everything from Formula Junior to Group C, and even a demonstration (with overtaking permitted…) of 1990s GT racers. It was great to see the likes of Porsche 911 GT1s and McLaren F1 GTRs in action, less so to see a Porsche 911 and Ferrari F40 come together on one of those overtakes. We were there for the full three days to capture the action.

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Mustang Trophy

Ford Mustang 50th anniversary celebration

Silverstone Auctions

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Silverstone Auctions

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Silverstone Classic

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Nissan R91CK

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: Nissan R91CK

Iso Griffo

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: Iso Griffo A3/C

Porsche 911 GT1

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: Porsche 911 GT1

Chevrolet Stepside

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: 1950 Chevrolet Stepside

Silverstone Classic

GRR arrives at the Silverstone Classic


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