Video: How to pass 12 cars in one lap in a Ferrari 312PB | onboard

21st September 2023
Ben Miles

Ferrari returned to the top level of sportscar racing with a factory effort for the first time in 50 years in 2023. It was a triumphant return too, as the Scuderia defeated established dominators Toyota at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The new 499P has really sparked the imagination of people who perhaps before found themselves swayed by the glitz, glamour and mega-promotion of Formula 1. Indeed Le Mans sold out faster than ever and saw more than 300,000 people turn up to watch the real launch of the current Hypercar regulations.

But, how many of those people know just how cool the last factory Ferrari Le Mans racer looked or sounded? Probably not too many. So let this be your education. This is the Ferrari 312PB, a relatively simple-looking small sportscar with a screaming 3.0-litre flat-12 engine situated amidships.

This one was racing at the Spa Classic a few years ago, and somehow had found itself qualifying down the field, which allows us to carry out our demonstration of how cool this car was. Because the driver, forced to deal with cars clearly slower than his own, set about absolutely shattering the field.

By the end he hadn’t just dispatched the odd one or two cars, but 12, including two BMW M1 Procars and a pair of Porsche 935s. All while that flat-12 adds a symphony in the background. Not bad for a single tour of Spa-Francorchamps. Cooler than the 499P? It might be.

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Video: How to pass 12 cars in one lap in a Ferrari 312PB | onboard

21st September 2023



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