Video: The spectacular cars of the 2021 Mille Miglia

11th August 2021
Henry Biggs

Italy is, famously, the home of some of the most passionate motorsport fans in the world and, by extension, one of the best places to be a spectator.

This is very clear in this video from the 2021 Mille Miglia, with a procession of beautiful cars being waved on their way by some enthusiastic onlookers. Being the Mille Miglia, the cars themselves are extremely special. Competitor cars are limited to those built pre-1957 so we see some stunning Alfa Romeos, Jaguars, Porsches and Bugattis taking to the streets with a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing thrown in for good measure.

Following them is a stunning array of modern supercars including pretty much the entire current Ferrari line-up as well as the Monza SP1 and SP2 specials. Modern Mercedes and Lamborghini are also well represented but the most unusual car has to be the 1966 Ford Mustang Zagato.

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Video: The spectacular cars of the 2021 Mille Miglia

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