Video: This is the Judd-powered Group C car you didn’t know about

25th September 2023
Ben Miles

During the Group C era there were many famous cars from many famous manufacturers. But given the size of the grids, we can be certain that Porsche, Jaguar, Sauber, Mazda, Toyota and Lancia couldn’t fill them alone. So alongside, there were a whole host of independent teams.

You’ve probably heard of the cars from Lola, March and especially Spice, but how about this one: Brun? Walter Brun had an eponymous racing team that even raced in Formula 1 as the latter half of the EuroBrun team. 

When EuroBrun folded at the end of the 1990 season Brun concentrated on racing a Porsche 962 in the World Sportscar Championship with backing from Spanish oil giant Repsol. Keen to continue racing despite new rules that made the 962 obsolete, Repsol funded an in-house project to create a new car.

The result was the C91, with a high-revving 3.5-litre V8 engine from Judd in a very 962-inspired body. It was not any kind of success, never managing to finish a race in its one season of active motorsport.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who want to race a screaming Group C car with a Judd V8 engine, and so this one spends a lot of its time now in historic motorsport. As a result, we get to ride onboard with the very luck Alex Muller as he pedals the screaming C91 around Paul Ricard.

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Video: This is the Judd-powered Group C car you didn’t know about

25th September 2023



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