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28th November 2022
Ethan Jupp

Ferrari is the latest motoring marque to join the Vision Gran Turismo party, with the creation of its extreme yet elegant Vision GT concept car. With influences from the 499P and SP3 Daytona, to the legendary Ferrari sports prototypes of the ‘60s, the car is far from a pie-in-the-sky design study thrown together for the virtual world.


In profile, the wedge shape is very SP3 and very 330 P3 and 512S, even down to the tapering tail. The new car and classics alike however, don’t shrink-wrap their bodywork around their wheels quite like the Vision GT. The concept is also a single-seater, allowing for a very minimal surface area for the windscreen and cockpit. At the front, the horizontal light signature is very 499P, while at the back the tapering body, light bar and strakes are all very SP3. What is a bit more ‘Vision GT’ is the cockpit and how you get in. The Concept features a popping canopy windscreen for a door and when on the inside, you’re greeted with a very futuristic, be-screened yoke steering wheel, with circuit map, tyre temps and other data embedded. 

For a start, they’ve actually built one. The full-size buck will be on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from 15th December to March 2023. Second, this extreme yet elegant machine hides specs that are far from a fantasy. It uses, per Ferrari, “a more extreme version of the V6 also adopted on the recently launched Ferrari 499P”. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine produces 1,027PS (755kW) and works in combination with a tri-motor hybrid system, which adds 325PS, for a total 1,352PS (994kW) output. That makes the Ferrari Vision GT all-wheel-drive, like the 499P. Weight specs aren’t out of the realms of possibility either, with Ferrari claiming a 1,250kg dry figure. 


In terms of design and engineering, could we be looking at a very extreme exploration of the broad themes that will underpin the successor to the LaFerrari? The question has to be asked. After all, the Bugatti Vision GT of 2015 did wind up basically being a Chiron in a Liberty Walk body kit. Ferrari appears to have been very deliberate in the design of this car, both visually and in terms of the hardware it uses. 

In short, the Ferrari Vision GT is quite pretty for a Vision GT, and far from a fantasy concept underneath. Which big name do you think will be next on the Vision Gran Turismo bandwagon?

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