New Radical SR1 XXR makes track driving more accessible

28th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

Radicals are just freaking cool. In a world of extreme and boutique track specials, Radical continues doing what it always did, before this sort of car became trendy: creating the ultimate weapons for conquering a circuit. You see one at your local track, you know, this person is the real deal. Well now there’s a new one, designed to make the whole race-spec Radical ‘thing’ more accessible. Meet the SR1 XXR.


The aim of the game with this new SR1 is increasing seat time, with the new fifth-generation RPE 1.3-litre engine now able to go for 25 percent longer between invasive maintenance intervals. Oil changes have moved further apart, with each change now allowing ten hours of driving rather than six.

As for everything else, it’s race-spec Radical business as usual. That means a six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shifting, fully adjustable Nik-link suspension with Intrax dampers and SR1 Cup Championship tyres. The fibreglass high-downforce body is also present and correct. Other features intended to speed up the process of using your Radical include an optional convenience pack, which features an engine oil pre-heater and a fuel sampling/drain kit.

In terms of eligibility? The SR1 XXR remains your ticket to Radical Cups around the world, from the UK, to North America, to Canada, Korea, Romania, and the Philippines. If you’re serious about getting into racing bespoke sportscars, after 25 years, Radical is still the logical place to start, and the new SR1 XXR making it more accessible than ever.

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