Video: Oliver Solberg’s crazy run at the Festival of Speed

21st July 2023
Simon Ostler

We were having a look back at some of the more exuberant Hill runs we’ve ever seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard when we came across this. Oliver Solberg, aged just 17 years old, giving it absolutely everything in his DS 3 WRX Rallycross machine.

He gave it plenty away from the line during his final Timed Shootout run of the weekend but arrived at Turn One with perhaps a little too much speed. A huge moment on the entry was almost enough to end his effort there and then, but he somehow managed to collect it all up, and from there it was foot to the floor, caution to the wind.

A hint of understeer you say? Not on Oliver’s watch. He absolutely launches it into the second sweep, maintaining a ludicrous four-wheel drift all the way up past the house as he lets fly up the Hill towards Molecomb. A tidy entry belies the speed he’s carrying as he approaches the infamous left-hander, but as he chucks it into the apex you get a true sense of just how hard he is pushing.

This is tremendous stuff, proper driving just barely within the limits of both the car and the Hill, and it’s hugely appreciated by us mere mortals watching on from our armchairs. The fact he breaks the 50-second barrier with this run speaks volumes. To go faster would be far less entertaining, so we’re greatly appreciative of Oliver’s efforts in the name of true theatre.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Shelby Cobra coupe monsters the Goodwood Hill

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