Video: This is why Kalle Rovanperä may become the best rally driver ever

02nd August 2022
Simon Ostler

When you consider Kalle Rovanperä is just 21 years old, it’s difficult to comprehend the meteoric rise of this extraordinary young talent. To put that into context, the two most successful rally drivers of all time, Sébastiens Loeb and Ogier, didn’t win their first WRC titles until they were 30 years old. Rovanperä is already well on his way to his first championship in 2022 having won five of the opening seven rallies of the season. But then you see footage like this, and suddenly it all becomes incredibly clear. This exceptional driver from Finland possesses skills that very few other drivers in history can compare. Even if he doesn’t end up taking the title at the end of the year, we’re in no doubt that Rovanperä is on his way to becoming one of the best and most successful rally drivers of all time.

His first win of 2022 was on the famous ice- and snow-covered roads at Rally Sweden, and we’re riding on board with his imperious run through the Umeå Sprint on the first night of the event. It’s a breathless four-minute night-time blast through Swedish forest that Rovanperä absolutely nails with calm precision and scarcely believable speed. Even as his car twitches horribly under braking on the treacherous surface, he somehow manages to keep the car where he wants it and carry all possible momentum through the corners.

This is as close to perfection as it gets, and it’s footage like this that evidences exactly how good Rovanperä is. If he keeps this up and, heaven forbid, gets even better with experience, this is guy is going to absolutely dominate the WRC for the foreseeable future.

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Image courtesy of Motorsport Images.

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Video: This is why Kalle Rovanperä may become the best rally driver ever

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