Hennessey H700 is a supercharged C8 Corvette

28th February 2024
Ethan Jupp

The beauty of the Corvette by comparison to its more conventional European sportscar rivals is that you have quite a few options in terms of power and performance and OEM vs the aftermarket. Yes, we have the Z06 now and the hybridised E-Ray but it’s to the aftermarket and to Hennessey that you must look, if you want a C8 with more than 700PS. Now that package has been adapted for the convertible. Meet the C8 Corvette H700 convertible.


As described, the Henney Vette gets over 700PS, specifically 710PS (522kW), or otherwise known, a jump of 200PS over the standard C8. That power comes courtesy of a belt-driven supercharger, augmented by an air-to-water intercooler and upgraded fuel system. 

Other supporting mods to make the upgrade reliable include a high-flow induction system and a freer-flowing exhaust. All that is tied together and buttoned up with Hennessey’s high-performance engine software. If you so choose, you can have an active valved exhaust, too.

While the 710PS does indeed best the 670PS (492kW) of the Z06, it’s the torque figures that really smash the factory go-faster Vette into the weeds. That car with its 623Nm (460lb ft) is some 140Nm down on the H700 C8, which puts out a stonking 865Nm (638lb ft) of torque. Don’t get us wrong, we love the 5.5-litre flat-plane crank screamer in the Z06 but these are some spectacular figures.


"Our supercharged C8 Convertible boosts America’s favourite sportscar to extraordinary performance levels,” said John Hennessey, founder and CEO. 

“We’ve unleashed the power that Chevrolet left on the table, boosting output by more than 200 bhp. Few cars, especially at this price, can deliver this level of power, acceleration, and engaging open-air driving experience alongside the Corvette’s distinctive V8 roar.”

As for aesthetic stuff, the Hennessey C8 Heritage livery you see in the images is an option, as are forged 19-inch wheels, so your H700 can be ‘sleeper’ spec if you wish. Of course still available is the H700 package for the Corvette coupe, too. Now we’re curious to see what Hennessey can do with the hybridised E-Ray…

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