Electric 177PS Triumph TE-1 impresses in testing

13th July 2022
Ethan Jupp

Triumph has revealed the final testing results and specs for its TE-1 all-electric prototype bike, with some promising numbers. Brandon Paasch, Daytona 200 Champion on the Street Triple RS, has been out testing, with high praise for the TE-1’s instant power delivery.


All of Triumph's objectives for the project have been met and or exceeded, with a 0-80 per cent charge time of 20 minutes and a 100-mile riding range. Performance is impressive too, with 177PS (130kW) peak power and 0-62mph achievable in well under four seconds and 100mph in 6.2 seconds. The TE-1 can also count itself as a pioneer of EV light-weighting, given that at 220kg, it boasts a 25 per cent drop in weight compared to some contemporary electric bikes.

Crucial to the Triumph faithful will be riding characteristics, which Paasch claims are similar to that of the Street Triple and Speed Triple, saying it’ll be a really nice bike to ride on the street in terms of agility and lightweight feel. The power delivery and feel has been carefully honed to match that of the Speed Triple 1200 RS.


While the TE-1 is only a prototype, you can bet your bottom dollar the findings of this project will be finding their way into production bikes very soon.

“Being the first step in our journey towards developing our future approach to electric powertrain technology, the TE-1 prototype and the incredible results it has achieved in its intensive testing programme has provided crucial insights and capabilities that will ultimately guide our future development,” said Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, Triumph Motorcycles.

“Of course, the final production motorcycle will not be exactly what you see here today, but rest assured, the models we do develop will encompass all of its learnings and its exciting dynamic spirit.”

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