The Naran is a 1,050PS four-seat hypercar

25th November 2020
Ethan Jupp

Another day, another slice of exotica for the supercar bucket list – meet The Naran, the breakout model from Naran Automotive, featuring a bespoke 1,050PS twin-turbocharged V8 engine, a sub-three-second 0-62mph time and a 230mph top speed, as well as seating for four.


If you think that’s a somewhat unimaginative name, that’s because that isn’t its name. Yes, one of the options with this car for each of the 49 lucky buyers, is naming rights for their individual chassis. That kind of power is usually known only to yacht buyers...

Naran describes its new car as a hyper coupe, designed to deliver an “authentic GT3-style driving experience for the road and track” in combination with “ultra-luxurious materials inside and out.” Perhaps imagine a front-engined V8-powered Pagani Huayra Imola and you won’t be far off.

The exterior styling mixes organic contours with an aggressive ‘industry-leading’ aero treatment good for 1,377kg of downforce, albeit at an undisclosed speed. The styling is by the founder of Wyn Design, Jowyn Wong, who has the incredible Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72 to his credit. Fine breeding, given they have both been supercar stars of the Festival Speed presented by Mastercard.

Under the skin, the Naran features some serious hardware, including Öhlins four-way adjustable race-spec damping and double-wishbone suspension. The anti-roll bars are fully-adjustable, as are camber and toe settings. Keeping the power in check is a switchable all-wheel-drive system and pointing it in your desired direction is a race-grade steering rack.

With that much power and adjustability, setup is everything. As such, it should come as a relief that Naran had Daniel Mense on-hand to develop the dynamics of the car. If you don’t know the name, you’ll know his work. He set the NIO EP9 up ready for its Nürburgring-conquering performance three years ago.


On the inside, curation of the above “ultra-luxurious materials” is being handled by an experienced team, too. Kate Montgomery brings years of experience working on the interiors of new Aston Martins to the table.

What about the man behind the Naran? Ameerh Naran is a 34-year-old entrepreneur and racing driver, with an established Private Jet business. A good CV for going into high-end motorcars, then…

“Our vision is to create the most beautiful and thrilling cars in existence,” said Ameerh Naran, CEO and founder of Naran Automotive.

“With The Naran, we are creating a unique ownership experience and a new perspective on shared driving experiences – a GT3-inspired, driver-focused, front-mid engined 2+2 hyper-coupé, that delivers unrivalled material innovation and a commitment to reviving the analogue driving experience. The Naran is the true embodiment of art on wheels, designed and developed by some of the greatest minds in the industry.”

Prices as yet are to be announced but Naran expects the car to ‘arrive’ next year. The design and testing process appears to be close to complete so expect more news soon. Is this a worthy addition to the expanding super sportscar market?

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