This is the new Nissan X-Trail

06th September 2022
Bob Murray

This is the new Nissan X-Trail, in UK showrooms next month and priced from £32,030. The fourth-gen version raids the Qashqai parts bin for the latest tech but remains a good size up – big enough for a seven-seat version – and tougher looking to play to its reputation as an authentic 4x4 in a sea of SUVs.


The design has been seen before, as the Nissan Rogue that’s sold in other countries, but this is the first time we have clapped eyes on the chunky new look bearing X-Trail badges and to UK spec. Clearest design connection with its predecessors is the signature kinked D-pillar, otherwise it has as much of a styling relationship with the Qashqai than the X-Trail of old, especially around the front.

It remains larger than its sibling though, a little longer of wheelbase and 200mm or so longer of body. Its more square-cut profile and higher roof should ensure the sort of passenger room, and capacious boot, that X-Trail owners expect. A seven-seat version (£1,000 extra) sees two small, fold-flat seats in the back that Nissan says are fine for anyone up to 5’3” (160cm).


Inside, underneath and under the bonnet the new X-Trail is equally reliant on the Qashqai, using a version of the same Alliance CMF-C platform and Nissan’s novel e-Power electric powertrain. This uses a petrol engine only as a generator to keep the batteries charged up. It’s a hybrid but not as we know it, always being an electric car to drive but one you will have to stop to fill up with petrol. Nissan says having the wheels driven only by an electric motor means the engine can always run within its optimal range, to the benefit of fuel economy (up to 48.6mpg) and touring range.

Combining the seven seats with this electric drivetrain and the e-4orce all-wheel-drive system adds up to a unique proposition in its class, says the firm. In this best spec – £42,165 worth in mid-range N-Connecta trim – the X-Trail aims to be “precisely the type of vehicle modern, adventurous families are looking for,” according to product planning chief Clíodhna Lyons.


This top spec X-Trail uses electric motors front (150kW) and rear (100kW) for four-wheel drive response that Nissan says is 10,000 times faster than a mechanical 4WD system. A turbo 1.5-litre petrol four-pot with variable compression sits under the bonnet, its only job to charge the batteries.

Total system power is, rather curiously, 213PS (157kW) which is only marginally up on the single-motor version. Having two motors doesn’t therefore make it a tearaway – 0-62mph is 7.0 seconds – but it is ideal says Nissan for coping with a range of road conditions including snow. It’s the same system that the Nissan Ariya SUV will be getting next year.


A less powerful 204PS (150kW) single motor front-wheel-drive e-Power version is also available and expected to be the best seller, while that £32k entry car eschews the e-Power technology altogether for a more conventional mild hybrid petrol engine whose 163PS (120kW) and 300Nm (221lb ft) of torque are sent to the front wheels via a CVT auto transmission. With 0-62 in 9.6 seconds, it’s probably not the performance choice.

Inside, the new X-Trail gets a similar clean, technical look as the Qashqai, with a new high-definition 12.3-inch TFT multi-information screen dominating the dash. It’s not all digital, there are physical buttons still for core functions which Nissan says is the way X-Trail owners like it.


The family side of things is taken care of with integrated sun-blinds in the rear passenger doors, optional rear air-conditioning controls, lots of storage bins, in-car Wi-Fi for up to seven devices, cupholders and USB charging points. The rear doors open to almost 90 degrees for easy access, and there’s a hands-free powered tailgate for access to the boot which at 585 litres is said to be bigger than before.

The ideal “family adventure” crossover or merely a Qashqai that’s been to the gym? For Nissan planning boss Francois Bailly, the X-Trail is an “icon…and replacing it is a huge responsibility”. We look forward to finding out if they got the mix right.

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