Video: Hennessey F5 hits 270mph

24th March 2022
Ethan Jupp

As an upstart supercar maker with as many big claims as you have sceptics, it’s good practice to just show what your car is capable of, let the performance do the talking and be truthful about it. Just ask SSC. So to that end, Hennessey Performance has been putting its incoming F5 hypercar to the test, ramping up speed runs to see what it’s really made of.

It’s claimed it should be capable of 300mph and beyond once fully up and running and on an appropriate stretch of road. Last year, it pushed up to 200mph and has been intensively testing since. With development essentially complete, the car was pushed closer to its claimed limits in February, breaking 271mph during a runway blast. The run itself was actually during a day of suspension and calibration testing, with the speed a side effect of that testing.

The numbers were rising fairly rapidly before the test driver let off, so given enough room, it’s looking increasingly likely it’ll be good for the triple-tonne. “We’re taking a break on the speed runs for now but know this.”, John Hennessey says in the above video.

“The idea of making that car the fastest, and having it break 300mph, is core to the DNA of the car. It’s still something we’re very intent on doing. The journey to 300mph continues.”

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