80th Members' Meeting prizegiving

19th April 2023
Adam Wilkins

As the engines fell silent at the end of two days’ action at the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport, it was time for the prizegiving presentation.


We have a full rundown of the race winners and podium-place finishers, which covers all the races from Saturday and Sunday. Winners claimed a medal and a bottle of Goodwood ale topped with a solid silver lid, which the Duke of Richmond urged winners not to accidentally throw out with the recycling. Rob Huff was also presented with a prize for the fastest lap of the weekend with a time of 1 minute 21.498 seconds aboard a Ford GT40 in the Gurney Cup.

Something you won’t see in the race results, though, are the winners of the non-competitive demonstrations.


You may wonder how you win a non-competitive track outing. Each demonstration is presented by one of the governors of the event, and they’re invited to nominate a winner. William Paul nominated the Aston Martin DBR9 from Saturday’s GT1 demonstration while Sunday’s GT1 winner was the Marcos LM600 chosen by Grant Reid. In the 911 demonstrations, the victors were the GT1-98 chosen by John Saunders and the Carrera RSR chosen by Bill Shepherd.

As with all Members’ Meetings since 2014, the competition wasn’t limited to the circuit. All spectators belong to one of four houses, and they too can take part in sporting activites as diverse as ferret racing and tug of war to help win points for their houses. This year’s winning house was, for the first time, Darnley, headed by Jochen Mass. He and his fellow house captains – Anthony Reid (Methuen) Nicholas Minassian (Aubigny) and Emanuele Pirro (Torbolton) – have headed their houses since the 72nd Members’ Meeting.

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