The six best liveries from the 80th Members' Meeting

16th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

We were spoilt for choice this year when tasked with picking out our favourite liveries from the line-up of cars at the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport. Between the GT1, 911 and Brabham demonstrations, we could have packed it out, but that’d be a bit cheap of us. We need to shout out some of the stars from the other grids too.


1. PS2 Chrysler Viper

Nevertheless, we begin with an office favourite. The famous PlayStation 2 Dodge Viper, a darling car of the Gran Turismo generation, was an obvious pick. A class winner in period, a poster child for the Viper’s domination of late 1990s and early 2000s Viper domination, and an icon of our childhoods.


2. Brabham BT52

There was no getting away from it, was there? A sure-fire favourite of the entire meeting has to be the BT52, of which we of course had two. Those blue and white colours, the perfect ratio, the Parmalat text and Fila highlights. It’s sub-orbital launcher meets training shoe, in the best way.


Two Brabham BT52s let loose at the 80th Members' Meeting

15th April 2023


3. Bastos Volvo 

Bastos looks cool on any car that wears it. The Capris and Camaros wear the red and white flawlessly, so imagine our enjoyment when we saw, of all things, a Bastos-liveried Volvo 242 T. The incongruity is just too good.


Video: Stunning GT1 cars storm into the sunset

15th April 2023


4. Jagermeister Porsche 911

A good livery should be attention-grabbing. It’s tough to stand out in a grid full of racing cars, so the best liveries are the most memorable. On the grid of 911s, even alongside a 911 GT1-98 and numerous fabulously-liveried 935s and Martini-coloured RSR, one 911 stood out: The bright orange Jagermeister 1975 RSR. We’ve got a bigger story on this car incoming but we had to nominate it here.


5. Alfa Romeo 8C Monza

One of the prettiest cars in the awesomely-named Trofeo Nuvolari was the Alfa Romeo 8C Monza owned by Christopher Mann, which features a livery you might think more appropriate of a Bugatti. The French racing blue with dark blue is in fact an homage to French racing driver Hellé Nice, who raced one in period, in these colours. What a pretty thing.


6. PlayStation Porsche 911 GT2

Yes of course, we’re back in a Porsche and back in a demo, though perhaps it’s good to give some love to the 993s, specifically the PlayStation 1-liveried car. Can you tell we’re an office of 20 and 30-somethings? Perhaps obviously, there are fewer more iconic modern liveries to the PlayStation generation.

Photography by Jochen Van Cauwenberg, Toby Wales and Joe Harding.

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