Video: The Ferrari film trailer is full of emotion and gear changes

04th September 2023
Ben Miles

It’s unusual to start one of these pieces with a call to jump in the comments but we’re intrigued. Do you think that the new Ferrari film, based on the life of Enzo himself, will be great or absolute pap? We in the GRR office can’t help but think it’s either going to be one or the other.

And now we have a short first trailer to give us some clues. There is basically no dialogue in this except for one line at the very end: “if you get in one of my cars, you get in to win”. That’s the kind of no-nonsense attitude to drivers that history has bestowed upon Enzo.

The rest of this trailer gives us very little in terms of clues as to what the film will really be like. It focuses on the emotional moments between Adam Driver’s Enzo and Penelope Cruz’s Laura Ferrari, and the cars.

Of course, this being based on motorsport there’s lots of gear changes, and some big crashes. From the Ferrari trailer we can see a real focus on the road racing, with obvious references to the Mille Miglia throughout. But there are also F1 cars, although we mostly see those flying through the air or on fire.

As it is a biopic of a man, the reality is the car scenes will be a side show, a key part, but not the absolute focus. But in order to have credibility in the world of GRR they need to be realistic. Whether that authenticity has been proven by this trailer, we’re not sure.

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Video: The Ferrari film trailer is full of emotion and gear changes

04th September 2023



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