Video: This 360 GT is the peak of Ferrari V8 sound

25th September 2023
Ethan Jupp

Unpopular opinon. The Ferrari V8 peaked in terms of noise with the 360 Challenge Stradale, GT and N-GT. The F430, Scuderia, 458 and Speciale all are downgrades in terms of sound. There’s just something about these little cars and the sound they make, that transcends the mechanical. Just listen to the ripping downshifts of that N-GT as it batters its way around Spa. They are lion-like.

The newer cars just sound somehow, cleaner. What’s the secret sauce in the older cars? Well the 360 as the name suggests has a smaller 3.6-litre V8, which still produces more than 110PS (81kW) per litre in these race versions. But its scrappier and more rabid in sound than the 4.3-litre of the F430 and 4.5-litre of the 458. 

Obviously, these are racing cars, but I think they’re better-sounding than the race versions of the newer cars, just as the road-going Challenge Stradale is ‘peak’ Ferrari V8. Let us know what you think because, obviously, the Speciale especially is lauded as an all-time great. A better car? In every objective way, several times over, but in terms of sound? Nope. The Challenge, GT and N-GT take it for me.

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Video: This 360 GT is the peak of Ferrari V8 sound

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