Video: Gordon Murray’s new T.33 Spider revealed

06th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

The relentless quest of Gordon Murray to put us back in touch with what the ideal supercar should be continues, with the new T.33 Spider. In this, GMA’s V12-engined supercar, aping ’60s sports racers from Alfa Romeo and Abarth, is popping its top. Murray is outspoken in his previous aversion to open-top cars, saying they often mean compromise.

That’s not a word he believes in, so to avoid it, the T.33 Spider and T.33 Coupe were developed together from the start. As a result, the Spider will only weigh a paltry 20kgs more than the Coupe, at most. A worthwhile sacrifice, for the experience of that inlet snorkel being directly over your left shoulder. The car is an orgy of engineering, classical beauty and potential to be the most alluring open-top supercar ever made. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see it hit the road. Watch on to find out more…

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