Pininfarina Pura Vision concept previews post-hypercar line-up

01st August 2023
Ethan Jupp

It feels like with every passing month the genre of ‘super SUV’ continues to evolve, to the point that some, take the Ferrari Purosangue, don’t even want to be called SUVs. Well now, Ferrari’s old styling and production-mate Pininfarina (or rather, the car company of the same name), is looking to join the fray. Sharing the first three letters with the Purosangue, the Pininfarina Pura Vision Concept is a look into Pininfarina’s life beyond the Battista hypercar.


Like the Purosangue, the Pura Vision has suicide doors and is an aggressive departure from traditional SUV tropes in terms of styling. Like Ferrari too, Pininfarina is shirking the traditional ‘SUV’ label, this time in favour of e-LUV, or electric Luxury Utility Vehicle.

Primarily a preview of design philosophy, rather than a veiled look at a proper production car, the Pura Vision is a philosophical line in the sand for a family of Pininfarina cars to come. Due for reveal at Monterey, it’ll be joined by one of those to-be production models.

“Much more important than simply a concept previewing one forthcoming vehicle, Pura Vision presents a sharp, modern design philosophy inspired by the rich heritage of Pininfarina and defining an unmistakable recipe for a collection of beautiful new luxury cars,” says Pininfarina CEO Paolo Dellachà.

“The first of our new portfolio – spectacular to behold and a different proposition, yet clearly inspired by Pura Vision – will be presented alongside this wonderful design concept at Automobili Pininfarina’s private residence during Monterey Car Week, as well as at The Quail.”


Pininfarina reckons the Pura Vision echoes iconic designs of the past, for instance in the low hood and high fenders, which are said to recall the 1947 Cisitalia, while the overall sculpture of the upper body, particularly that rigid beltline, takes inspiration from yachts. The sculptural hood is long and tumbles down into a low snout, defined by a width-spanning furrow in which the lights are embedded. That along with the stubby overhangs make the Pura in ways more ‘super GT’ than ‘SUV’. 

In profile, the glasshouse is slim and raked, with the tapering rump putting us somewhat in mind of the Aston Martin DBX. Save for those slim horizontal blade-like lights, perhaps. It’s unfussy, albeit with enough details among the sculpted surfaces to keep it from being bland. It’s purposeful rather than gratuitous.

Perhaps the most dramatic detail of the Pura Vision Concept’s design, is those doors. We said above they’re suicide, like the Purosangue. That’s not strictly true. They're what Pininfarina calls ‘tri-opening’, with the body elements moving outward and the glass rising up with the roof like a gullwing.

“Pura Vision embraces the DNA of iconic vehicles from Pininfarina’s past, to shape the future with sharp lines and a modern aesthetic,” said Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer, Automobili Pininfarina.

“It is distinctive from every angle and showcases our PURA design philosophy on a new kind of vehicle. A dramatic presence, inviting interior and curated materials make this a car like no other, yet clients will recognise it as a Pininfarina with its beautiful body, timeless proportions and technical lower body detailing.”


Those doors open to reveal a similarly simple yet stylish and sculpted cabin. With no pillars, it’s airy, with great access. There’s barely any ‘solid’ roof, either, with glass allowing light in from all angles around the central ‘biscotto’ section that both links the front and the rear of the car from the outside, and hosts soft lighting elements.

Individual bucket seats up front are ‘floating’ and inspired by the foils of a yacht. They give a driving position more like a two-seater, says Pininfarina, and are complemented by a sculpted bench in the rear. Somewhat at odds with Pininfarina’s claim that this is a ‘timeless’ design outside and in, are the screens, with a central infotainment display and a driver’s display to complement.

Material-wise the cabin is a sea of Alcantara, carbon-fibre, anodised aluminium, semi-aniline leather and Pininfarina’s new ‘signature textile’. The latter is a combination of Native wool and recycled polyester, with a 70 per cent split and is ready to be used on production cars.

So what do you think of the Pininfarina Pura Vision Concept? It’s definitely easy on the eyes, though not perhaps so instantly recognisable as ‘Pininfarina’ as we might have hoped. That said, in spite of its decades of history designing cars for other manufacturers, it is young as a marque in its own right. Time should see this design-lead marque define itself. Now, about that production model…

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