MAR 29th 2014

Cars that rock 72MM: Peugeot 205 T16

“It’s nice to be able to drive it properly in the UK,” says Dave Kedward of his monstrous Peugeot 205 T16 rally car.

He comments that Group B is almost a taboo in this country, so the opportunity to sprint it at Goodwood is one he relishes. Usually he has to travel as far afield as Italy for his four-wheel-drive turbocharged fun. It also means that spectators will witness a sight to behold when the 205 and its contemporaries line up for action.

Dave has owned the car for just over two years. “It’s like a bullet off the line,” he says, “but it has always struggled in the slower corners.” During a recent clutch replacement, investigation revealed that the car has the wrong 6-speed gearbox; its ratios are suited to Dakar conditions rather than tarmac. Consequently, there’s a huge gap between the ratios of second and third. “If we get into sixth gear today, we’ll be doing over 160mph.”

The T16 hasn’t caused any problems this morning, but Dave’s Audi Quattro caused a few scratched heads this morning. All manner of fixes were tried before it was spotted that someone had pulled a few fuses.

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