MAR 23rd 2016

Video: Smoke Pours In The Gerry Marshall Trophy

The Gerry Marshall Trophy at the 74th Members’ Meeting saw an international cohort of touring car legends meet for battle, as Chevy Camaros chased Ford Capris, Mini Coopers and more around the Goodwood Motor Circuit. 

Gerry Marshall Trophy

But motor racing is never that cut and dry is it? Complications occur. Sometimes drivers can react, sometimes they can’t. Fortunately in the case of the Ford Capri that unleashed a nice big plume of largely unidentifiable smog, everyone just high-tailed straight through it, trusting that those ahead would be as confident. 

You have to admire their bottle for just disappearing into the wispy ether, not knowing whether there would be a steaming heap of racing car on the other side.

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