MAR 31st 2016

Thank Frankel It's Friday – The Truth Behind Tyrrell's Six‑Wheel Wonder

Mindful of today’s date, it occurs to me that 40 years ago, back in the spring of 1976, those journalists gathered at Ken Tyrrell’s house in West Clandon to witness the unveiling of his new Formula 1 racing car must have thought they were the witnessing one of the world’s more elaborate practical jokes. At the rear the car was normal enough, but at the other end someone appeared to have fitted the wheels from a 1959 Mini and doubled their number to make up the shortfall. This then, is the rather abbreviated story of the Tyrrell-Ford Project 34, a car so experimental, of which Tyrrell himself was so unsure, it never even received a model designation like all the ‘00’ Tyrrells that came before and after. It is one of the most misunderstood racing cars ever built.

76 AUT 13.JPG

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