SEP 24th 2015

Video: 162mph in a Lola T70... blind!

We’d advise headphones for this one, the noise from the wonderful Chevrolet V8 in the back of Pedro Macedo Silva’s beautiful Lola T70 makes the video worth a play on its own.

Giedo van der Garde revival

The race is the Whitsun Trophy (highlights of which you can see here), which closed the second day of the Goodwood Revival with an incredible collection of stunning pre-’66 Can-Am cars. While the race would eventually be won by Goodwood unofficial lap record holder Nick Padmore, it is our camera car that gets the jump off the line.

Sadly for Pedro, if you keep an eye on the rear view camera you will see Padmore immediately on the Portuguese’s tail, and he’s back at the head of the field before the cars are through St Mary’s. Padmore streaks off into the distance, and took the chequered flag just under a second clear of Olly Bryant‘s T70 following a safety car affected race.

What is more astonishing than the sheer speed shown by the awesome Lola is that Macedo Silva was able to keep up enough pace to finish fourth, despite an almost unbelievable build up of oil and dirt, thrown up by the races numerous incidents. By the end of the race you can barely see out of the camera’s discoloured screen and Pedro’s visor must surely have ended up in a similar fashion.

Lola T70 Whitsun Trophy Revival

However, despite his drenching in oil and filth, it seems he rather enjoyed his outing in West Sussex. Pedro wrote after the race: ‘My lack of experience compared to the high caliber of the race drivers like Nick Padmore, Tony Sinclair, Oliver Bryant and Jay Esterer that were racing with me. The race ended sooner than it was supposed to because of an accident, a lot of oil on track, and with the not so perfect car setup, I ended in 4th, which is not bad at all! I hope I’m invited next year to this magnificent race to try and do better.

‘It´s definitely sensational to race at Goodwood Revival.’

Enjoy the video…

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