SEP 12th 2015

Video – St Mary's Trophy Part 1 Highlights

What was quite possibly one of the most memorable St Mary’s Trophy races ever will be remembered as the one that Tom ‘Mr Le Mans’ Kristensen dominated the race his vast Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. You can also rely on the Revival‘s saloon car race to put on a spectacular show, and 2015’s Part 1 fixture for professional racing drivers didn’t disappoint.

Haydon v McWilliams Barry Sheen Revival

Having not completed a full flying lap in qualifying, Kristensen started from the back of the grid today, but was immediately scything his way through the back markers when the lights went green. Meanwhile, the three cars at the front, driven by touring car aces Gordon Shedden, Frank Stippler and Andrew Jordan, separated from the rest of the pack and had their own battle. The Cortina-Alfa-Cortina battle was close and hard-fought.

But soon, the big Fairlane was bearing down on all three of them and Kristensen elbowed his way into the lead. ‘I didn’t see him coming, but I felt him coming,’ commented Shedden in the post-race interviews. Despite the fact that the little Ford clung to the back of the bigger one, the Fairlane maintained the lead until the chequered flag.

The most remarkable thing? Kristensen hadn’t driven the Fairlane prior to the lap-and-a-half he completed in qualifying. What a battle!

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