JUN 17th 2014

Fangio's Maserati 250F makes FoS return

The history of motor racing is peppered with tales of remarkable races; with few baring comparison to the 1957 German Grand Prix at the Nordschleife.

In a nutshell: Fangio lost a ton of time in a botched pit stop, and then in an attempt to reel-in the Ferraris driven by Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn he broke the lap record nine times over the next ten laps, caught and passed the British pairing, and won. His fastest lap being over eight seconds quicker than the lap he set for pole position …

After the race, the Argentinian maestro is said to have uttered that he never thought he’d drive so quickly again, and the man, the race, and the car rightly became the stuff of legend. Nowadays, the man is sadly no longer with us, and there hasn’t been a Grand Prix at the Nordschliefe for decades, but the car is still fighting fit, and you can see it paying a rolling homage to Fangio and his astonishing achievement at the Festival of Speed.

Renowned collector and racer Lukas Huni will be at the wheel. The chances are that you won’t see the car being driven in quite the same exuberant manner as Fangio on that August day in 1957 , but this is one of those cars that could make the hair stand up on your neck from 100 feet away. We’d crawl to FoS just to see it.

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