JUL 17th 2014

Video: BRM V16... one of the most dramatic cars on the hill, ever?

The BRM V16 of 1950 was far ahead of its time, producing over 700bhp from its 1500cc engine. The downsides of its advanced tech were relaibility issues and rather abrupt power delivery. At 7250rpm, it has about 300bhp, before all hell – and over 700bhp – breaks loose at 7500rpm. Sir Stirling Moss reckons it’s one of the most dangerous cars he’s driven.

Goodwood Road & Racing meets Ken Prichard-Jones, the man given the responsibility of keeping it in a straight line on the way up the hill at the Festival of Speed. Oh, and we’ve also included footage of the car on its run up the hill. You didn’t think we’d deprive you of that sound, did you?

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