JUL 08th 2014

Video: Jenson Button on the FoS Hillclimb

Much has been said about the noise (or relative lack of it) produced by the current breed of Formula One cars. Some say the sound itself is good, but that the volume could be cranked up a bit, whilst others much-prefer the banshee wail of the previous atmospheric V8s. Others still have gone a step further and describe the current hybrid machines as ‘milk floats’, which might be a bit harsh …

Whatever your stance on the matter, we reckon that the sound of a previous-generation V8 around Goodwood sounds superb, as demonstrated here by the 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button. The car is last season’s MP4-28 which ran with an 18,000rpm rev limit. Wherever the current hybrid route leads the sport, we can only hope that at some point they sound as good as this one does.

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