MAR 13th 2015

Video: 'Flat Out and Fearless' ‑ Jamie Green rules the DTM at Norisring!

Germany’s DTM is a wonderful racing series and has been for many years, although it never seems to get the attention it deserves in the UK. In Gary Paffett and Jamie Green though, Britain can rightly claim to have provided two of the best drivers in the series, and as you’ll see from this clip, they tend to be at the sharp end of the field.


We’re looking here at the final laps of the 2012 race from Nuremberg’s Norisring and an absolute barnstormer (bahnstormer? Sorry …) of a finish. With just a few laps to go, Mercedes-AMG‘s Jamie Green is lying in third, not far behind BMW’s Bruno Spengler, but a few seconds shy of Martin Tomczyk, also in Bavarian machinery.

The rivalry in DTM between the manufacturers must surely be the equal of any series in the world, as can be seen when the director affords us a shot of the BMW and Mercedes-AMG pits. After a banzai effort on the brakes, Green forces his way past Spengler and sets off in pursuit of Tomczyk. The track at this stage was showing a dry line, but outside of this it was clearly very slippery – keep an eye on Spengler’s car as he slides around trying to keep up with Green.

But he can’t and the Mercedes-AMG driver slowly closes in on Tomczyk, although as the final corner comes into view the Brit seems to have too big a task on his hands to get his car in front of the Beemer …

Fast? Check. Fearless? Oh yes. Racing on the Edge? Truly. 

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