MAY 14th 2015

Video: F1 World Champion Damon Hill talks 'Flat Out And Fearless'

Flat Out And Fearless is the theme at FoS this year, so what else were we going to ask 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill to talk about when he was here to promote his halow charity last week?

Damon Hilll Senna Promo

Watch the video above to find out about the Flat Out And Fearless racing moment – and driver – that most inspired Damon, his own most Flat Out And Fearless F1 drive, and the most Flat Out And Fearless opponent he had to face… it’s all good stuff!

Sky Sports F1 pundit Damon also gives us his thoughts on the most Flat Out and Fearless racer in the current crop of F1 racers, and then talks bike racing and fellow FoS 2015 guest star Valentino Rossi.

Enough spoilers… watch the video!

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